Author Topic: Reducing Airborne and impact traffic noise penetrating subfloor  (Read 3707 times)


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Hi, I have a historic home that is close to a street and and would like to reduce impact noise coming in through the vented crawl space and up through the hardwood floor above the crawl space. I'm primarily concerned with eliminating vibrations generated by large trucks/buses that generate impact noise in my living room and a bedroom that is in the front of the house closest to the street. Moreover, I'm looking to tackle the problem from below the subfloor if possible as I don't want to pull up the hardwood and add an underlayment.

What would be the best approach to improve this situation? Realizing it would be labor intensive could I add sound reducing mats, drywall or other material between the joists below the subfloor and then recover it with the insulation that is currently there?

Thanks for the help.

Randy S

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Re: Reducing Airborne and impact traffic noise penetrating subfloor
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Sorry for the delayed reply,

Yes you can reduce this problem by adding hardy backer(cement board) with a 3 tube formula of green glue to the under side of the subfloor. you also want to close the vents that are on the street side to reduce direct path of airborne noise.