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Author Topic: help - sound proof windows in canada  (Read 18271 times)


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Re: help - sound proof windows in canada
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2010, 04:16:36 AM »

Thread revival.

So I haven't done anything until now.  I found someone who will make a

6mm lami LowE2 (outside)
argon filled 13mm gap
6mm lami LowE2 (outside)

type window for about $370 installed.  This is now in my price range.  I am hoping to hit an STC40 with this window.

One of the questions I have now is, do I try and get a triple pane unit with something like

6mm lami LowE2 (outside)
argon filled 10 mm gap
3mm standard glass
argon filled 10 mm gap
6mm lami LowE2 (inside)

How much better or worse would this window be?  In terms of thermal efficiency it's better, so if it's at least as good as the first window in terms of sound attenuation then it might be the way to go for me.