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Author Topic: 10.38mm Laminate for Traffic Noise Reduction  (Read 3523 times)


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10.38mm Laminate for Traffic Noise Reduction
« on: August 17, 2010, 10:57:48 AM »

Our weatherboard house is approx 600m from a main road, we are noticing a low rumble type sound at night and in the mornings.

Thanks to this website I am making practical and cheap improvements (rugs, door insulation) but I think the windows are the main entry point for the sound.

My research tells me that I need a 10.38mm laminate glass to be insatalled with a 100mm gap between the 10.38 and the orginal window. I had a carpenter visit and he says that our double hung windows do not have enough space to accomodate the 100mm gap.

This leaves me the only option of a Magnetite type solution. Can the Magnetite solution of secondary glazing give me the 10.38mm and the 100mm gap?

Finally, my research so far tells me that everything else being equal the windows are the first place to start for sound reduction.
However with an uninsulated weatherboard house is this still true? I'd hate to fork our 3-4k for a window solution to then learn that the majority of the sound is still unblocked becuase it is comeing through the walls.