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blocking out dental drill next door!
« on: July 26, 2010, 06:21:58 AM »
I'm new to world of soundproofing and am facing a terrible noise problem. I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and have my own Private Practice where I see Individuals and couples for therapy, hypnosis and Meditation. Just two weeks ago a new neighbor, a dental lab (of all things) moved next door. The noise from his dental drilling equipment is loud, vibrates and as one client put it makes a sound as if bees were trapped in the walls. I can't do therapy with this noise and am afraid I will lose clients. Any suggestions on how to soundproof would be greatly appreciated. My husband is a building contractor and suggested attaching cork tiles to the walls...but he isn't an expert (his own words) on sound proofing so isn't sure this would work. I spoke to the property management company but they haven't been very helpful. I use a sound machine right outside my door, play soft music in my office and still hear the sounds. Can anyone please help?

Randy S

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Re: blocking out dental drill next door!
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The cork tiles will not be worth the effort.  Since you will be soundproofing from the receiving side you will need to add 2 layers of Mass loaded vinyl to the existing wall followed by 5/8" drywall with Green glue sandwiched in between.
This will add mass to the wall and give you 50% reduction. It would provide a greater reduction if you could install the system on the source side.