Author Topic: Bass coming through floor from speakers embedded directly into ceiling--HELP!!!!  (Read 3790 times)

liquid magma

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Hey there,

I've lived above a restaurant in NYC for a couple of years and it's never been an issue. However, a few months ago, the restaurant was bought out and converted into a "private dining room" for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. The new owners have been nice (if a bit stuck-up), but there is now a low level bass sound coming from below that drives me crazy. I've been allowed to check out the "PDR" (private dining room) and they are not blasting the music. The building itself is from the early 1800s and the walls are unbelievably solid (brick I believe), but the wood floors separating me from the PDR below are pretty thin. When they renovated, they simply put a drywall ceiling up. The new owners have tried to put the volume down low, which helps A LOT, but there is still this low level bass and I can hear and feel the vibrations late at night. The speakers below are embedded directly into the ceiling. They are willing to invest in more sound proofing. Any ideas? Would it help a lot to relocate the speakers out of the ceiling? What about turning the bass component down a bit on the equalizer?

Thanks a million!!

Randy S

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Remove the speakers from the ceiling!!! if this wasent a problem before the speakers where mounted to the ceiling then this should resolve the issue.
If they want to improve the ceiling system it will require construction work to be done.