Author Topic: Shared apartment wall: options that DON'T include construction? Will this work?  (Read 4690 times)


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I can hear the TV and alarm clock in my neighbor's bedroom (shared wall) which worries me because if I can hear him, then I'm pretty sure he can hear me in my various bedroom activities...

Alright so since I'm renting this place I don't really have the option of ripping out the drywall and filling it with foam or MLV or any of that good stuff.

Is is possible to use homasote covered with soundproof foam or anything and just attach them to the wall like artwork?  Heck I could even cover them with fabric and make them into artwork and it would look pretty cool.  I'm thinking a couple of them that are 4'x8' mounted horizontally on the wall.

I've read some of the threads on here that say like you must cover the ENTIRE wall, air tight, seal it with that Green Glue stuff, etc., but would what I am proposing make any different at all?

So my question has two purposes: one, I don't like being annoyed by neighbor's noises, and two, I don't want to be an annoying neighbor, either.

Thanks guys!

Randy S

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well doing anything is better than what you have now. The real question would be did you receive a quality reduction based on the money you spend....?
Not doing the entire wall is like soundproofing with the window open...sound will always go to the area of least resistance.
You can do the system you propose and see a value, I would still do the entire wall.


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Thanks for the reply.

I guess I can always start with *some* and see how that works and then see if I need *more*.

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to cover the entire wall with Fabric Panels or whatever they're called, that would create some reduction, right?  I'm thinking like 2" thick panels.