Author Topic: Barking dog, sister playing guitar in rooms next to me. Failing grades. Help!  (Read 7892 times)


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In my basement, there's three rooms:
-the main basement area, where my sisters computer is. She's always in there, playing taylor swift, tom petty, and def leopard songs on her guitar.....the same ones....over and over AND OVER again!!!(and very loudly, if I must add.)
-the laundry room, where the heating/ventilation unit to my house is located. Also, the only room my dog could be in, since he NEVER SHUTS UP!  There is an air return vent connecting this room to mine
- My bedroom. The most quiet, peaceful room of the house....which doesn't say much. This is where I have to complete the tons of homework, and do all of the studying that is required for highschool juniors. Unfortunately, I have add, and lack of motivation, which severely hurt my grades for the first two years of highschool.. I just barely got by with ds and cs, so I could take the required classes. Now, I'm medicated, and the pills would really help.. If I could just get some damn quiet. I can't work like this. I come home with headaches, which get worse with the noise. 

So I need help soundproofing my room and the other rooms, so the sounds aren't as bad...if it's possible. 

Randy S

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This would require contruction in order to provide a decent value of reduction. If you would like to discuss assemblys and cost feel free to contact me directly, my information is below.
If the costs are too much for you to do this project then I would suggest a pair of headsets.