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My wife and I plan to do a major renovation to our townhouse. We have attached neighbors on each side. Our home is over 100 years old. Our homes are separated by red porous bricks on each side. This is a 3 story home.
I’m trying to solve two sound situations.
1   One neighbor -  I can hear their TV and music through the walls. My home is currently drywall. I plan on removing all drywall throughout the entire house due to the redesigning we plan on doing.

2   My wife is a light sleeper. I’m sometimes watching TV on the first level as she sleeps on the 2nd level above me.

With all drywall removed what is a good economical solution to encapsulate a room – all 4 walls, floor and ceiling (2nd floor of 3 story building)? The entire house hasl  hardwood floors. I plan on doing two rooms as soundproofing the entire house probably will be cost prohibitive. The renovation will cost much more than we both planned for so funds will be limited.

Thanks in advance for the response.

Randy S

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Re: Entire home being renovated and need to soundproof a couple of rooms.
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Here is a standard system you can do to the walls and ceiling.

•   Install individual strips of Cotton Fiber Insulation and press firmly between studs or joists, without air gaps
•   Measure and cut MLV to length of wall or ceiling in the direction of the studs/joists
o   MLV runs parallel to studs/joists
o   Caulk around perimeter of MLV at wall, ceiling, floor
•   Staple MLV to studs using ½” staples
every 9” on center
•   Minimize spacing between seams
o   Align seams to center of studs
•   Apply 2” Lead Tape over MLV seams
•   Apply Acoustical caulk to gap around perimeter of MLV and any outlets.
•   Apply Clips and channel system following clip layout
•   Fasten drywall to channel only leaving 1/8” gap around perimeter.
•   Apply Acoustical caulk in gaps around drywall
•   Finish wall as desired – do not tape & hard mud at corners (wall/wall or wall/ceiling)

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss the particulars.
760-752-3030 ext 104