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Paul Andrews

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Gas powered compressor in a shed
« on: August 16, 2001, 04:56:12 AM »
I have a 12.5 hp gas engine powered air compressor mounted in a homemade shed built out of old oak pallets. The shed is approx. 6'x8'with a lean to type roof 6'tapered to 5' in the rear. I insulated the walls with tar paper then furred them out 2 inches and nailed on some cheap board material similar to black saw dust- like boarding.By the way it has a metal roof that has been insulated with the sawdust like board. I also mounted a air circulation spinner thing (turbine) on the roof . I stagerred the opening to lower the noise. It ain't enough folks. I have heat issues here because of the gas engine. there is an exhaust fan to keep it cool. the engine draws from the outside as well as the compressor. the exhaust vents through the roof (i used 2 inch pipe for an exhaust) the doors are made from plywood furred out 2 inches and again covered in sawdust board( hey it was cheap   2 bucks a sheet at the depot on sale!)
Any suggestions considering everything i told you so far. ??