Author Topic: Intense Floor Vibration from Bass - Need Solution Fast  (Read 3947 times)


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Intense Floor Vibration from Bass - Need Solution Fast
« on: November 21, 2010, 02:37:37 PM »
 ??? Help.


Problem: 2nd floor nightclub sub-woofer bass (8 units) creating 3rd fl Floor vibration.
Structure: Concrete building

3rd Fl
Meters: Bar 6m x 14m x 2.4m; Terrace 10m x 14m x no roof.
Feet:[/b] 19.7' x 45.9' x8' ; Terrace 32.8' x 45.9' x no roof.  
Flooring:[/b] Concrete slab with parquet (wood) flooring.
Floor:[/b] Concrete 20cm or 7.8"
Terrace Floor:[/b] Concrete slab with cemented rock shavings and pebbles.

2nd Fl Explanation: Club below has 8 sub-woofers that sit on a 1/2" rubber "bar floor" mat. 4 of the sub-woofers are 2" away from the structure columns.

The club: 14m x 20m x 2.4m. No soundproofing. Club owner will raise the subs. No renovations possible.

Decibels in 2nd fl Club: 110-120db
Decibels in 3rd fl Bar: 65

3rd Fl Explanation:  The vibration is very uncomfortable. Leased in Jakarta

Thank You

Randy S

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Re: Intense Floor Vibration from Bass - Need Solution Fast
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2010, 10:32:33 PM »
Very bad situation, I am surprised on the TL value your getting already! however, without major soundproofing done in the club I highly doubt that relocating speakers will deliver much of a change due to the db level.

This is one of those where moving is the best option.