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Author Topic: Magnaseal with old wood double hung windows  (Read 5546 times)


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Magnaseal with old wood double hung windows
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:10:46 PM »

I have two large windows that face a busy street. They are both old double hung windows. I reglazed the originals and installed 1/4 in laminated glass panels on the outside. I used silicone caulk to seal them well and there is 1 inch air gap between the two panes above the sash and over 2 inch on the bottom, below the sash. The noise reduction was minimal. I was thinking about installing the maganseal on the inside but not sure if there is anyway to do that with the magnets since the windows are wood.

Also, the wall where the two windows are located is plaster inside and wood siding on the outside, probably with zero insulation (100 yr old home). I thought about adding a layer of drywall with the green glue or removing the cedar clapboard siding and adding green glue between two sheets of plywood before reattching the siding. Both options seem like a lot of work. I wanted to continue to try to work on the windows first.

Thanks for any advice anyone has. 

Randy S

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Re: Magnaseal with old wood double hung windows
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2011, 10:32:52 PM »

Ok for the windows, as long as you have a place for the weight of the acrylic to rest and room for the steel L-frame to be mounted inset.

As for the outside treatment, I would do a layer of Hardy board(cement board) and 1 layer of OSB with 3 tube per 4' x 8' sheet of green glue.Offset the seams of each layer.