Author Topic: soundproofing to reduce acoustical noise from below  (Read 3523 times)


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soundproofing to reduce acoustical noise from below
« on: December 27, 2010, 12:43:09 AM »
We live in a brick building built in 1880 and converted to condos in 2000.  The soundproofing that the contractor did is non-existent. We didn't know this until after we had our unit completely finished and we moved in.  We can clearly hear the conversations of the people that live below us at all hours of the day.  We have the original flooring from 1880, and we'd love to keep it since it is beautiful and still in good shape.  Is there any other option we have for reducing the noise we hear from below?

We'd like to consider area rugs with a good rug pad, but are concerned that we'll only do something that reduces impact noise for our downstairs neighbors (we're on the top floor) and does nothing to improve our situation.  We need this to be a win-win to be worth the cost.


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Re: soundproofing to reduce acoustical noise from below
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If your looking for a win win and keep your wood flooring than you will have to soundproof the ceiling below...the only option. Area rugs will only help to reduce impact noise for the neighbors below.