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Author Topic: music studio build in 2 car garage - question about existing windows  (Read 3932 times)


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i'm renting a house in LA & the landlord has given me permission to build a room within a room inside the garage for a music studio as long as i don't do anything to the original structure. the structure is a finished garage with painted drywall walls & windows. there is a 94 inch wide dual pane window that opens on both sides. i KNOW my best option for sound is to plug it & not have any windows in my own construction but i have a breathtaking view. if i have to spend 14 hours a day inside a box i'd be much more inspired looking at a beautiful view. so, i want to have a window inside my room within a room that lines up with this original window to keep my view. considering this isn't a situation where i'm free to remove the existing window i'm not sure what my best option is for treating the existing window and then installing one of my own. (FYI there will be roughly 14 inches between the original wall with the window and the outside wall that i will be building).

Randy S

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Re: music studio build in 2 car garage - question about existing windows
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 05:02:33 PM »

For these type of full room in a room project, it would best to have a in depth conversation about the principles and levels of soundproofing based on weakest links in order to meet your expectations.
Contact me directly when you have some time to discuss.

Randy S.
760-752-3030 ext 104