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New Townhouse - Soundproofing Question
« on: March 11, 2011, 01:37:00 PM »
My wife and I just purchased our first place (a townhouse) and its currently in the construction phase. My biggest concern with a townhouse is noise so I'm wondering what you think of the builders solution to soundproofing between units to be sufficient, or if I should be paying a little extra to have more soundproofing done. Looking at the builders designs, the common wall from our place to our neighbours looks like this:

Our Townhouse | 2 Sheets of standard 5/8" Drywall | Frame with "fireproof/soundproof" insulation | Frame with "fireproof/soundproof" insulation | 2 Sheets of standard 5/8" Drywall | Neighbors Townhouse

What do you think? Is this a fairly standard application?

Thanks in advance

Randy S

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Re: New Townhouse - Soundproofing Question
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 06:06:08 PM »
Yes this is a fairly standard system for shared walls, even though the wall is decoupled from the other you will still share the same floor and ceiling system. The impact/footfall can still pass under the sound control wall and same with noise passing through the ceiling system.
This is quite a common problem and here is my advise, the wall assembly STC can be increased with a good return if you and your neighbor both have carpet and 6-8 lb carpet padding beneath..if you have wood floors than I would be careful investing more in the wall...this would be for impact /footfall..if your concern is striclty airborne than go ahead and add MLV on both side of the wall before drywall is installed.

Also instead of the insulation they purpose I recommend Ultra touch cotton fiber insulation made by bonded logic.