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Author Topic: Are these windows any good for sound mitigation?  (Read 3183 times)


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Are these windows any good for sound mitigation?
« on: February 02, 2015, 08:58:52 PM »

Hello. I currently have single-pane windows in my house, and thought about replacing them with dual-pane, energy-efficient ones. I'm I'm more concerned about sound mitigation than energy savings, would this be a mistake on my part?

I received an estimate from a window installer for this type of window:

Frame color: White
Glass Type: IG (1/8" Ann - 1/8" Ann)
Sash: 1/2" IG (1/8 Ann - 1/4 air - 1/8 Ann)

I specified to him that my priority was sound mitigation, and these are what he quoted me for. They are a mix of Silverline/Anderson and PGT windows. I suspect that he wasn't quite on the same page as me. He kept talking about the energy efficiency of these windows, and while true that I would stand to benefit from it, I was more interested in soundproofing. He flat-out told me to not concern myself with laminated glass unless I "wanted to spend money". I already have hurricane shutters, so perhaps that was his reasoning? The windows he quoted me have thin 1/8" glass and only a 1/4" argon-filled air gap, along with vinyl frames. According to the materials on this site, this would result in an overall depth of 1/2", which is half of the recommended 1".

Here's an example from the quote:

2111B 2111b Single Hung 35.875x37.25 White LowE TempObs Azgon HalfScrn DP50 DoubleLock
U-Factoz: 0.30 SHGC: 0.27 ENERGY STAR
Qualified climate zone (s) : Canada US North
North—Central Actual Size 35 7/8 x 37 1/4
Rough Opening 36 3/8 x 37 3/4 Nominal Size 2 x 3

I should note that Milgard QuietLine windows aren't sold here(FL), or I'd go with those since they seem to be recommended here quite often.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I've considered building window plugs or that magnet-seal setup as well.


Randy S

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Re: Are these windows any good for sound mitigation?
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2015, 10:34:28 PM »

You can gain thermal far better with a large air gap which would stop convection...

Look into jeld-wen  and what you are looking for is the highest STC or OITC rating you can find.

anytime you do soundproofing you get thermal as a bonus, however when you do thermal treatment you do not always get sound reduction.

Randy S.