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small room big sound
« on: May 06, 2011, 05:19:07 AM »
I am putting together money to make my 8' by 10' by 11' room for my band to record and practice in. My budget is about 1000$, and the job has to not pierce any wall at all or in anyway. Originally i planned to construct large boards apply green glue, drywall, paper mache with coins and such high density products to try and also keep more sound in for cheap (uneducated guess), lastly to try and keep the soundproofing as best as i could i was thinking of either rugs (if my budget fails me) or mass loaded vinyl instead. Keep in mind i have a simple empty family room type setup, a ton of thick afghan rugs on the floor and a window and closet. Thank you in advance, sorry for my lack in education

Randy S

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Re: small room big sound
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With your budget it will be a challenge! Give me a call and lets discuss bang for buck based on your noise source.