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Soundproofing my HVAC system
« on: June 19, 2011, 12:59:13 AM »
I just purchased a new home where the HVAC unit is downstairs close to my family room. There is noise coming from the laundry room where the system is installed. I have a solid door and a bi-folding door to enter that room. The bi-fold door is mainly to access the unit for air filter changes and maintenance. There are gaps all around the bi-fold door and i want to know what i do within reason to help knock down as much sound a possible. I was looking at some of those SSP foam mats and was wondering if that was my only/best solution. I am going to include a diagram and actual photos to help. I appreciate all advice. I am a new home owner so this is all new to me.


You can clearly see all gaps around the bi-fold door (the light)

This is a view from inside the room looking at the back of the bi-folding door.

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Re: Soundproofing my HVAC system
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Standard door sound control you can see here.

For the bi-fold door, you are absolutely correct.. SSP foam mat and seam tape or vinyl nitrile tape are your only options besides replacing the door with a solid core door, Either way the seal will dictate reduction value... line the door with 1/2" or greater mat.. seal, seal, seal, everything in door are tough so think out of the box...all you should care about is the seal of the door when shut... the foam will do the rest...if you want more reduction replace the door with solid core door.
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