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Noise reduction from bar next door
« on: July 05, 2011, 06:02:48 PM »
I moved into an apt that I love.  I can tolerate noise but didn't realize there's NO soundproofing between my 2nd floor apt & the bar next door, which takes up 2 floors rather than just the 1st floor.  The bar has music every night & 2 speakers mounted high on the shared wall.  The sound is much louder when they have live bands than recorded dance music (ex, vocals and guitars of a punk bad were much worse than Michael Jackson night).  The bass doesn't seem as loud as vocals & guitars during live music nights.

I would like to reduce the noise, esp. in my bedroom, but realize there will always be some sound.  I'm willing (if the bar's amenable) to pay for something to decouple the speakers from the wall, put up some kind of sound absorber behind the speakers, etc (the wall on their side isn't really decorative).  Alternatively although less desirably, I'm willing to put up MLV or something else on my side of the wall.  What solution(s) could be effective? 

Randy S

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Re: Noise reduction from bar next door
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2011, 06:56:42 PM »
Well it is strange that the bass(lf) is not as intrusive as the mids and highs..
Well you can start by decoupling the speakers from the walls, you can use clips and hat channel to do this.

For the next steps in this project I would advise you to contact me directly so we can discuss variables.. something is a miss here and we dont want to waste money and effort without results.

Contact info below.