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noisy apartment/roommate situation
« on: September 17, 2001, 12:27:36 AM »
context info: i am a grad student living in a 2bdrm apt, which i share with another grad student. i do not own the place, but rent it. modifications are thus not feasible. and our budget is rather limited.
the problem: soundproofing is VERY poor. it is not even a matter of neighbor's noise. it is our OWN noise that is annoying.
example: if you turn the TV on (located in the living area), you can hear it (with distortion as a bonus) in both bedrooms.
example: when one of us uses the kitchen's sink (say to wash a couple of dishes), the other, if in his bdrm, can listen to it (it sounds as if a #$%# waterfall was just next to us).
and so on and so forth...
please help. we are working on phd dissertations and thus need a reasonably quiet environment. any advice would be greatly appreciated.