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sound proofing
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:00:56 AM »

i just moved into a mother in law's quarters in the basement; landlady lives upstairs...  She has 3 dogs and I have one...  I can hear her dogs running upstairs which ends up making my dog bark and go crazy making me crazy...  I'm looking to find a way to muffle the sound so i'm not bothered by the dogs.   I have drop down ceilings in my apartment... there is plenty of room in between ceiling... wondering if there is something that I can put where the drop down ceiling to stop some of the noise...  I'm getting tired of listening to 3 dogs running around at 545 every morning:(



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Re: sound proofing
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What your dealing with is structure impact, so without decoupling from the structure the only benefits you can achieve would be putting cotton fiber insulation on top of the drop ceiling system.  R19-24 would be best.