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Floor noise reduction of downstairs industrial printing press
« on: October 05, 2011, 01:31:22 PM »
Help!  I recently purchased an office space located in an older industrial building.  The unit directly downstairs from my unit is a printing company that uses traditional printing presses which transfer both noise and structural vibrations up through the concrete slab floor to my unit above on a daily basis (which was never apparent prior to our renovation and settling in).  The construction of the building is entirely reinforced concrete (slabs, columns and beams).  Since I have no way to convince my downstairs neighbor to provide remedial action to their equipment or treatment of their ceiling space below, does anyone have any advice on how I might minimize the sound and vibration coming up through my floor slab through floor treatments in my own unit?  Ideally, I would want a low-profile modular / tile system that could be incrementally installed without having to completely vacate and move all the furnishings and equipment out of my unit.  Thanks!

Randy S

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Re: Floor noise reduction of downstairs industrial printing press
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Depending on the thickness of your slab, you might already be at a high STC value (55+STC). So adding additional materials to the floor might not be the best first move, this should be the last resort.

Based on your post, most likely this is structure borne noise from the vibration of his presses. If you can convince him to cooperate what should be done is place anti vibration pads under the feet of his presses to decouple them from the floor....... realize that if you can not decouple from the source you will be essentially chasing your tail as the vibration is allowed to freely transmit through the entire structure and remit any where and every where until the energy is dissipated.

Feel free to contact me direct if you would like to discuss variables and principles.

Randy S.