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Shared wall in duplex townhouse
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:30:04 AM »
We recently moved into a two-story duplex, built in 1940, with a basement and attic. Noise - voices and music especially - carries through the shared wall MUCH too easily.

We hired a contractor to install a layer of QuietRock drywall over the existing wall, which (we believe) is plaster on top of stone or brick. After the drywall was installed, the noise has only lessened VERY slightly. Our contractor suggested that given the age of our house, sound may be primarily traveling through the empty joists between floors. However, when I press my ear to the wall, it definitely sounds like I'm still able to hear directly THROUGH it. Our biggest concern is insulating the downstairs living room / dining room (which is one long room). Our townhouse is very narrow, so we're wary of adding more thickness to the wall.

Any suggestions? Would blowing insulation into the joists be a solution? And are there any tactics we should *avoid* in trying to solve this problem?


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Re: Shared wall in duplex townhouse
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Im really not surprised the quiet rock did very did he install the quiet rock? on furring strips or directly to the plaster and brick?

Always fill cavities, never leave them empty even if you have to use blown in cellulose.

Most likely based on your type of construction you are going to have to decouple from the structure to achieve a far greater noise reduction.

Will need to remove the existing drywall if you want to see greater reductions.

Here is my contact info, call me when you have a few minutes and lets put together a system that will suit your needs.

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