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Re: Barking Dog
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A solution that's worked well for me was soundproofing my windows. I had a system installed that uses magnetically attached panes of acrylic. In my case I was trying to silence road noise from an expressway very near my house. The company I used, Optixshield, installed the system inexpensively. Their workers were very courteous and got the job done quickly. Aside from the reduced noise my utility bills have gone down dramatically. If you're in the Chicagoland area they may be able to help you, visit their website at and see if they fit your needs.
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Re: Barking Dog
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The most economical way to handle windows is the MagnetSeal framing system which uses 3/8" acrylic.  For info see 
This gives dramatic results.


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Re: Barking Dog
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Ok this is interesting to me...
Good to find this thread..
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Re: Barking Dog
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Many report success!
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