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Electronic drum on third floor
« on: February 07, 2012, 09:16:05 PM »
like the topic says,
I have an electronic drum Roland TD-3 but since im on a third floor,
the neighbors below complain about too many "boom" and "bamm". (vibration sounds I guest).

Im playing with headphone, so the only sounds produce is the sounds of the stick on the rubber pad.
I think the problem comes from the vibrations produced by the support stand and especially by the vibrations produced by the pedal on the kick pad.

The drumkit is on a rubber mat that is itself on a floating wood floor.

What can I do to minimize the impact on the floor below.

Thanks, and sorry for my not really good english. ;)


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Re: Electronic drum on third floor
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refer to the ddrgranny post on this thread.,2293.msg5952.html#msg5952

It should work for what your doing.

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