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Sound Absorption for Film Studio
« on: March 04, 2012, 09:41:30 PM »
Hi all, I have a few questions about removing the echo from a empty warehouse that will be used for film production. We have a 3200 square foot room and it has a echo whenever people are talking in the space, we are looking to eliminate that. The room is a strange shape and two of the walls will be needed to film against so there are only three other walls we can put any sort of sound absorption product on. Below are some photos of the space, the red lines on the drawing are the walls we will shoot against and they have to be clean and clear. I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance for you help.

Random Information:
The back wall is made of concrete blocks.
The side walls are diving walls that are dry walled.
The floor in polished concrete.
The roof is metal and is approximately 17 feet tall.

Randy S

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Re: Sound Absorption for Film Studio
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Pretty big space to try and treat the whole room, maybe a movable system might suit your needs..
Give me a call direct, so we can discuss options.

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