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Fan Duct Vibration
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:53:02 AM »
I recently moved into a rental condo with a new laminate floor throughout.  The tenant below me runs his 3 amp dryer fan 24/7 and the ducting from the fan to the exhaust travels under my bed (actually under cement floor with drywall box around it). The constant vibration in the ducting disturbs my sleep.

To date the condo corp has been reasonable as they checked the 20-year-old fan and thought it needed replacement.  The landlord replaced the fan which reduced the airborne noise but there is a vibration along the entire duct run and my bed is approximately 20 feet downstream of the actual fan.  I suspect there is must be a mechanical resonance set up in the duct by the fan motor.  Any sort of insulation to the duct below is out of the question and I suspect it is mounted directly to the floor between the two suites.

I have tried those Home Depot foam floor tiles as well as furniture felt pads one on top of the other with little reduction in the vibration at all.  I read this thread with a similar problem however my fan is not directly under the bed as in this case.,3323.0.html

As suggested I tried the "dry" wash cloths on top of the foam tiles and there seemed to be some reduction. I put some folded up blankets on the floor as well.

Would you suggest I try the same solution of the MLV with the 3.5 inch vibration pads?  Do you think a layer of carpet above the MLV would also help to reduce the vibrations.

The tenant was spoken to and will not cooperate by only running the fan during the day.

By the way this is a great resource and thanks for the assistance.


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Re: Fan Duct Vibration
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if you have a reduction based on the simple home test mentioned in another thread, than yes use the mlv w/ closed cell foam and the dimple vibration pads...

chances of success are high, because the wash cloths provided an noticeable change..GOOD JOB!