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Acoustic foam for drum room?
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:09:26 AM »
I have an electric drumset and want to change to an acoustic one without bothering my neighbors. I only have maybe $700 to spend on soundproofing. It's going to be in my room on the 2nd floor of a townhouse with a drywall separating me from my neighbors. I don't need it to be 100% soundproof, just not too bothersome to them.  I can't break down any of my walls or do anything permanent. I don't need it to look pretty though.  I was wondering if i covered all my walls with 3 inch acoustic foam, would that be enough to dampen the sound and cause it to be significantly quieter outside of the walls? How much db could it reduce it to? I'm also worried the thumping from the bass drum and hi hat might transmit through the floor. Could I put it on a gym mat or something?  I was also looking at a video about Audimute sheets.       Do they really work that well and will it help for my situation?

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Re: Acoustic foam for drum room?
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I would love for someone to spend the money and post the results back on our forum.... anyone ?
Depending on the room size would dictate the true cost... we have done "Band-aid" systems which can be cheap but you have a lot of shared surface area to address and unless you are on the corner unit, than it could require have to look at this the right way...its not the high hats or snare as much as it is the actual bass (kick drum) and depending on how you play it could be 105 db with 100 SPL to match....
So run around the room with a hammer hitting the walls and see for yourself......

Marketing is great and we sell products but, we will not mislead you to believe your $700 investment is going to keep the neighbors from complaining when your playing the drums....
Mass loaded vinyl has a far greater sound blocking power than their product and even that alone is sometimes not enough to create huge reductions in the lower frequency range.
and for their test method....its a great free path test to door...the real test would have been through a wall or ceiling before and after....of course your going to get a reduction from free path and adding absorption or blocking will cause a greater reduction the real question should be " How Much reduction do you actually need to keep your neighbors happy???......imagine what they will hear from below (boom boom boom).  No audiomute on the floor?

Do you have an I-phone or smart phone?? download the db meter app or spl app for $1.00 and test your walls yourself and see what you have now and then we can figure out how much more reduction you need in order to enjoy playing the drums.. :)
Better to know now than find out later you wasted your money on the wrong product.