Author Topic: Adding interior window and want to know how to install & soundproof around it  (Read 3684 times)


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I have some regular planes flying over the house and a neighbor with a de-muffled BMW so have decided to fix this problem. I've looked at some options and have come to the conclusion that adding an interior window is the best option for me.

I've come down to the two cheapest windows Milgard 1110H and also a window from Window World, 1500 series. These two windows are the cheapest I've found so far.

The plan is to buy the custom window and then install it myself on the remaining windowsill space (3.5"). The amount space to the overlap for the edge of the window is 3".

My question is what is the best way to install this in the windowsill. From what I understand, it is leveled and screwed in to the sides. Then some sort of foam wrap is place around it and caulked around. Am I missing some steps here?

Randy S

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take a read on this thread, John makes it pretty clear about window treatment.,3524.0.html

and yes, you are on the right track for is always good to have a chat with an experienced window installer.