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wood panel walls
« on: April 23, 2012, 01:34:48 AM »

I am new to this community and very grateful for the all the time and effort put into this forum! I have a situation that appears to be somewhat unique and I haven't found any information in searches.

I am researching strategies for sound mitigation of a bedroom with two exterior walls from traffic noise, particularly honking. The home is pretty much a wood tent so there is a lot of room for improvement and we have , I think, a reasonable budget. The aspect that I am concerned with, however, is the interior panelling. The home has redwood 1x paneling on the walls and ceilings from 1907 and we want to keep that look.

The current strategy that wiil fit the budget is to strip the walls and ceiling to the studs/joist and apply the following:
seal and insulate cavity
resilent channel with isolation clips
5/8 drywall
5/8 drywall
re-install the redwood paneling with glue/short nails to the gypboard

My question is...what effect do you think the panelling will have on the system? Shall we consider not reinstalling the panelling? It would be a very difficult asthetic decision. Any comments on the strategy in general welcome as well! Thanks

Randy S

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Re: wood panel walls
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Not a bad strategy, the real concern is what the actually reduction would be when the final layer is still a very live surface....
There might a few different ways to approach this type of problem, The windows will be the starting point no matter what...
why dont you give me a call direct when you have a few minutes and lets discuss your options.