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Author Topic: Reducing noise from basketball court next to children's bedrooms  (Read 7317 times)


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Next to my children's bedrooms, a neighbour has a half-size tennis court they use for basketball and cricket. Our bedrooms are about 3 metres away from the fence, and the court is a further half a metre away from the fence on their side. It's very noisy when they use the court, and this interferes with my toddler's and newborn's sleep. We already have slightly thickened windows, one room has a 6.38mm laminated glass sliding window, and the other has a sliding door with double glazed glass 4mm thick and either a 6 or 8mm airspace. There's less noise inside than outside, but it's still intrusive and would wake up most people.

I have called around and the window sellers have mostly been trying to sell me a replacement windows and door with double glazed glass that has a 6.38mm laminated glass on the outside, a 8mm air gap, and 4mm clear glass on the inside. This will cost around $5k AUD installed - not cheap. I would like to at least halve the sound coming through the windows, so reduction of 10DBs at least or a STC in the high 30s. Based on my research on the web, it seems I won't get this improvement if I go with what I've been told. Am I correct?

The other option I am considering is to have secondary windows put in, the ones using magnets (from and with a big 10cm air gap. They have the option of different thicknesses for their acrylic panels, 3, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10mm. The salesperson is trying to sell me the 4.5cm thickness, as he said noise from a basketball is high frequency, and the thicker panel is mainly for low frequency noise, and only offers better performance between 0-100HZ. Again, I looked around on the web, and based on what I know so far, it seems the noise from playing basketball is low frequency, with the thumping being about 80-100HZ. Is the 10mm thick panel the better option? And would these Magnetite windows do the job? They are not cheap, at almost $1k for the windows and $2k for the door.


Randy S

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Re: Reducing noise from basketball court next to children's bedrooms
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 06:30:15 PM »

It is all about the dead air space created...the bigger the space the better the reduction...

You can use our magnaseal window system and it will work just fine...for the acrylic you need min. of 1/4" max. of 3/8"

Here is a link to a gentleman that did something similar in your area.,3210.0.html