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Theatre / Computer room Sound proofing
« on: April 28, 2012, 07:15:28 AM »
Hi All,

First of all im very new to the whole soundproofing of rooms etc I've read a bit about it and It's just mind boggling the different way you can sound proof a room and especially one this size.

First of all, I do not want or expect to be able to completely sound proof this room, it is going to be a 6 bay carport converted into a theatre & computer room and this is approx 15 meters from the current house.

The room dimensions are 15 meters long, 6 meters wide and 2.3 meters high.

At the moment I'm looking at the following and im not sure exactly how well it would work for the price (also I live in Australia so this is based on AUD and AU prices)

Flooring: 100mm concrete floor
Back and Sides will be Tin (as its converting the existing car port)
Front: Weatherboard

The walls will be 90mm thick and looking at putting SoundScreen Plus R2.5 for Walls in the walls and SoundScreen Plus R3.0 for ceilings and floors in the ceiling.

Next step would be to add 13mm Acoustic Plasterboard to the walls, Green Glue to the plasterboard and then another layer of 13mm Acoustic Plasterboard.

There will be a large 2 meter wide glass sliding door which I am looking at getting double or triple glassed glass and also a medium to large size window as well which will be the same double / triple glazed window...

My main questions are:

A) Priced up all this would be approx $6,000 AUD more expensive than just standard insulation / single layer plasterboard.  How much sound would you still be able to hear from the house approx 10 meters away is it worth it for $6000?
B) Would you suggest any other better / cheaper alternatives which would be just as affective or more affective than the current idea (if my current idea is even affective at all!).

The noise from the room would mainly be movies / music so loud mid ranged noises and also loud bass as well..

Any help or suggestions and idea's are greatly appreciated.


Randy S

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Re: Theatre / Computer room Sound proofing
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2012, 03:42:50 PM »
What I would add to this project would be to build a new frame inside the carport (room inside of a room) this is very important... fill both cavities with insulation than install your mass and dampening.

Try to use double door and window systems for best results...not just the want at least 2" of airspace or greater.

There is more that can be done, like using a layer of cement board and drywall with the green glue, I'm just not sure what you have at your disposal for building materials over in Australia....