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townhouse party wall assembly stc
« on: June 27, 2012, 03:29:23 PM »
I am dealing with a townhouse with a double stud 2x4 wall where each wall has drywall on the room side and 3/8 osb on the air gap side.  the air gap is 3" between the osb.

looking at these assemblies:

I am curious if the osb in the air gap will act similarly to the drywall and really reduce the stc.  If so - would insulating in the air gap do anything to help with sound.  If not - what is my best bet


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Re: townhouse party wall assembly stc
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Yes this is true, you are creating a resonance chamber and it should be filled..
As you can see from your link any center leafs will not contribute to increased stc.

Are going to open up the wall? if so there is a method that some have used to increase the mass at the center leaf which they claim to have worked well in solving this issue. I myself have not tried this but have heard enough feed back that as long as your not dealing with bass (low frequency) that it works well.

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