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gypsum board insulation
« on: July 11, 2012, 01:02:09 AM »
Hi there, i have about 3 cubic meters of wall left to insulate. It turned out that  pieces of thin gypsum board and very dense rock wool between  ( 5 cm thick,  DP8 density, the most i could find ) work very well for my needs. With most walls what i did is found screws with magnet, unscrewed wall, took out that useless glasswool and replaced it with rockwool. the problem now is that there is no way to unscrew this board and put it back. You will just have to belive me, its made in such a way that i would have to tear half the kitchen down for it. Now cutting is what i am thinking about. I have done it in the past and it brought some good results. Soo what do you think about that:

I take a jigsaw but long just enough to cut the gypsum board ( wiress ) and not a hair more. I would cut some proper shapes big enough to put insulating material inside. Like i said, i will have to avoid certain parts, like when someone glued tiles on it. But still, in theory it should work and if done right, i should be able to put the gypsum board back and use gypsum ( not sure how this material is called, i have it at home and its made for this, to fill this gaps ) and it look nice.

Soo, what do you think ?