Author Topic: Is this a stupid idea? Sound-dampening booth around computer desk  (Read 4213 times)


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I do commentary for StarCraft 2 games. I want to stream, but am worried about my dog barking/siblings being loud and the mic picking it up. So I want to construct a soundproof/sound-dampening booth around my computer desk.

I use a Blue Snowball mic.

My idea is pretty basic. My computer and desk are in the basement of my house. I want to buy a bunch of acoustic foam and put some over the windows when I am using my mic to help block out the dog(s) from outside, and I want to attach the rest to 3/4 cardboard walls to have a booth I can quickly set up around my computer when I am going to record something, then quickly take down and store when I am done.

Here's an artist's rendition of what I am working with:

The dotted lines are where the 3 soundproof walls would go. That stupid fucking pipe is about 4' above the ground and 2' from the wall--not sure if it's relevant, but that's why my computer is where is it and not pushed over any farther. The yellow stripes are the 2 windows. The dotted line is the potential booth.

What I want to do is get big pieces of cardboard, maybe 6' tall and however wide I need (I'll probably have to frankenstein them, but whatever) and completely cover the inner part of the wall with acoustic foam, so when I set up the booth, the outside is all cardboard and the inside is a room of acoustic foam. I'll hold them up with zip-ties or something--I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. But here are my questions:

1. Will this work/be helpful at all for drowning out outside noise?

2. Should I make a "roof" for the booth? It would be of the same material as the walls.

3. Is it better to have the acoustic foam on the outside or inside of the walls, and is it better to completely cover the walls or attach it in a checkerboard pattern?

4. Taking a guess here, but if the walls are each 6x6 and I cover them with acoustic foam, what are we looking at in terms of cost?

I have 0 soundproofing experience, which is why this idea sounds so basic, but I really need something for sound-dampening and this seems logical to me. What do you think?