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Building Drum Practice Room in Basement
« on: August 27, 2012, 01:03:51 AM »
Hi -- looking for suggestions for my basement drum practice room.  I have a space that is framed out waiting to be finished.  Details as follows:

- Single family detached home in the US.  Neighbor's are relatively far away, as house is on 1.25 acres.

- Unfinished basement with concrete floor, 3 poured concrete walls (mostly below grade except for 2-3 feet) and 1 interior wall facing into finished basement.  This interior wall is framed out as a double stud wall (2x6 wall framed out on practice room side & 2x4 wall with fiberglass batt insulation facing out..1/2" gap between the studs....1/2" sheet rock on finished side of 2x4 wall).

- Directly overhead this space is 1st floor of the house....sunroom area off the kitchen...hardwood floors.

- Ceiling contains i-joists.  Currently have R-30 pink fiberglass insulation between the joists, though I could remove to optimize sound control

- Glued 1" rigid EPS and XPS foam insulation on the 3 exterior concrete walls (to keep walls warm, reduce condensation potential) and studded out with 2x6s approximately 6"-12" from the concrete walls.  Wall top plates are nailed into the ceiling joists above; wall sill plates anchored into the concrete floor.

- All walls contain 5/8" sheetrock (horizontal) as firestop at top plates and vertically every 10'.  Firestop foam used to seal the gaps

- Double door entrance in the interior (double) wall.  Outer door is standard grade interior door, but inner door is solid core (not installed yet).

- Room is approximately 12' x 11' from stud wall to stud wall.  Height to bottom of ceiling joists is 9'.

- Walls framed out, and the outer door is installed.....nothing else complete, as I've been working on the rest of the basement which is done now and I'm ready to turn my attention to this drum room.

Willing to spend (mostly) what it takes to achieve excellent sound control, and not disturb my family while I practice my acoustical drums.  Have done some research, but need confirmation and more info.

Big concern.  Assume I need to use (#1?) MLV to the ceiling, tape and seal.  Then use clips and channel and 5/8" rock.  Sound OK?  More rock needed?  What insulation do I use between the joists?

Interior Double-Stud Wall:
Do I treat this wall any differently than the others?  Given it's a double-stud wall, do I still need the MLV?  Use cotton fiber insulation?  Should I remove the fiberglass insulation existing in the 2x4 wall facing into the finished area?  Clips and Channel with 5/8" rock?

3 Walls framed out from Concrete Walls:
MLV? What do I do about the space from the wall studs to the concrete walls?  Fill with insulation?  Type?  Clips and channel here?  or can I use RC and double Rock/GG?

Should I be concerned with sound getting behind/through the interior walls and up into the ceiling/floor above?  Does the firestop 5/8" rock help contain the sound?  Since the wall studs tie into the ceiling joists, I assume I want to isolate them as much as possible from the sheetrock.  Not so concerned with sound getting through the 1 interior wall facing into the basement, as the basement is carpeted and this room is towards the back of the basement away from the steps and doorway leading into the basement from the 1st floor.

Sorry for the long post....want to get this right and only do it once.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Randy S

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Re: Building Drum Practice Room in Basement
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2012, 05:25:14 PM »
Your on the right track, for drum rooms the most important part will be decoupling from the structure, being consistent through out the whole room.
1) decouple from structure
2) add mass (MLV) and control the cavity
3) add absorption
4) dampen the final surface.

There are a couple more tricks that can be done as well.

Give me a call or e-mail me direct and I can send you a few different wall assemblies to review.

Best Regards,

Randy S.

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