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hardwood floors and crawspace below
« on: September 04, 2012, 04:45:05 AM »
Would adding soundproofing material such as mass loaded vinyl to the ceiling of crawlspace be a solution to block sound out of band practice room?  Would some other material be better for that? I know it would be simpler to just add it to hardwood floor and add carpet over it but I would like to keep the hardwood floor if possible without tearing it out and putting new hardwood flooring in.

Right now there is no insulation under my house and since i'm planning on adding insulation anyway, maybe while i'm at it adding a layer of mass loaded vinyl at least in section wear music room is.   I would guess it would better to put the mass loaded vinyl 1st and then the insulation over it or would the reverse be better?


PS: I'm new to this forum and am finding it full of useful information.

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Re: hardwood floors and crawspace below
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Your addressing a crawl space for a raised foundation? if so there are a few things you need to do.
First off, look at the crawl space like a speaker box itself with ports in the sides to let air in and out..big problem...
Here is what I would recommend, take 1/2" cement board / hardie backer and green glue , cut and put up in between the floor joist up against the sub floor.. screw and caulk in... this will add mass and change that boom effect some what. After this step is done we can evaluate the results and see if you need more mass or just adding insulation and sealing up under the room with OSB would be enough..
This is only addressing what is going under and back does not change what is traveling under the walls. It will dampen it some what...if your trying to reduce what is traveling under the walls it needs to be address from the top of the sub floor itself, which means a new isolated decoupled floor.

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