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Sound proofing a shipping container
« on: September 15, 2012, 02:50:03 PM »
I am putting together a materials list for converting a shipping container into a home.  The exterior skin is, of course, corten steel.   The planned insulating material has an R-factor of 25.

Now I am to the point of putting the walls in. The walls will be magnesiacore ( mounted to thin metal strips that are welded to the skin of the container. I will be using sound clips in conjunction with this. I have roughly one inch of space between the magnesiacore boards and the metal (this will be greater than 1 inch in much of the surface area - shipping containers have those rippled skins, remember, as in  \_/-\_/  -  you get the idea).
These magnesiacore allegedly have or can be made with some accoustic properties, but I have not gotten exact information from the company yet.
The container is going to be extremely LOUD - metal transmits sound very well, as anyone who has heard a bell or worked in a tin roofed shop in the rain can attest.  I can only imagine hail!

So, I need to fit in that one inch (or greater) space a sound deadening product.  If it has any insulating value at all, that's just even better - but the primary function must be to deaden sound.  If it matters, it is more important for me that sound coming in be deadened more than sound exiting.

The ceiling and floor must be capable of receiving this treatment also, but keep in mind, magnesiacore will be the backer board for a cork flooring throughout - except the shower, which will likely be a rough stone (thinking a 3' x 3' x 1" sealed sandstone slab - nice and gritty!) that will require it's own acoustic handling.  I understand cork has excellent acoustic qualities.  Will it be enough? (Lets pretend I have tenants below me.)

There will be a 20 foot floor to ceiling wall of Lexan plexiglass double paned windows, probably in 6 foot by 7'8 foot panels. The metal cut out will be welded back on with a hinge so it can be raised and lowered. This metal cut-out will also be magnesiacore-d. Rubber gaskets will be used to create a tight seal. 
The double doors on the end will stay - I will use them as the entry doors, with another double paned Lexan plexiglass panel with sliding door.

What products are going to be best for this, and what will be the cost for enough material to cover 305 square feet?

Randy S

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Re: Sound proofing a shipping container
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2012, 03:15:26 PM »
We have done similar projects with sea containers.
1. paint the container with our sound dampening paint. (inside or outside) this will dull the live metal sound.

2. adhere ssp foam mat to container walls / ceiling. Use the thickness that fits between container and magnesiacore wall.

3. depending on how quiet you would like it to be, you can adhere a layer of mass loaded vinyl to the back of the magnesiacore walls prior to installation.

Seal everything the best you can... your weak spots will be windows and doors.

The floor you will have to omit the foam unless you plan on using the same channel and clip for the floor system.

Feel free to contact me direct if you have technical questions.

Randy S.

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