Author Topic: Best way to build up underlayment with MLV and carpet  (Read 4792 times)


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Best way to build up underlayment with MLV and carpet
« on: September 28, 2012, 05:47:02 AM »
I'm interested in decreasing airborne noise from a basement into a master bedroom above. I'm not so worried about footfall noise as the bedroom is low traffic. The subfloor is wood. From what I've read I think these would be the best options, but was curious what the experts think.

Option 1: 1/4" 8lb Rebond + 1/8" 1lb MLV + 1/4" 8lb Rebond + Carpet

Option 2: "Engineered" Underlayment (see links below) + 1/8" 1lb MLV + 1/4" Rebond + Carpet

Option 3: "Engineered" Underlayment (see links below) + 1/8" 1lb MLV + 3/8" 20lb Rubber Pad + Carpet

There seems to be numerous engineered underlayments that have STC and IIC ratings and could possible be a good substitute to the Rebond pad. I never could find any sound ratings for Rebond but it does seem like a popular option with MLV. I'm just not sure what makes more sense. Some example Links:

3/8" 20lb Rubber Pad

0.08" with STC 73 and IIC 74

1/8" with STC 67 and IIC 68

0.31" Dimple Pad with STC 62 and IIC 64 with 26 delta

0.065" with STC 51 and IIC 53 with 22 delta

1/8" with STC 66 and IIC 72

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Re: Best way to build up underlayment with MLV and carpet
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2012, 04:59:35 PM »
we like the use of #8 rebond for impact control.. IIC improvement

If your just concerned about airborne sound than you need a high stc rating.

I would go with your option #1 and consider a double layer of #1 MLV between the 2 layers of carpet padding.
Sealed air tight.
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