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Author Topic: Window Soundproofing Problems  (Read 3268 times)


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Window Soundproofing Problems
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:59:03 PM »

We would like an opinion on whether proposed soundproofing for our home would achieve the results the manufacturer/installer is claiming. The main noise we are trying to block is loud car exhaust noise & the occasional Harley motorcycle, so I guess it is mostly low frequency sound.

The setup would be as follows:

(A) Existing 1/8" glass sliding windows with aluminum frame in single brick constructed wall. Average window size 77" x 60"

(B) Install 3/8" optical grade acrylic UPVC framed magnetic sliding windows with an air gap of 4" between the existing glass window & the acrylic.

The installer claims a noise reduction of 70% will be achieved using this system if the gap between the two windows is sealed airtight.

Our main concerns are:

(1) Acrylic is much less dense than glass, so would not be effective at blocking low frequency noise?

(2) A secondary window is not effective if it is a sliding window, as this prevents a proper seal, even when closed?

(3) In our case the exterior glass thickness is less than the interior acrylic thickness. To be effective these thicknesses should be reversed?

(4) Low frequency noise will still penetrate airtight sound proofing which can stop higher frequency noise. How can sound waves of any frequency penetrate an airtight vacuum?

Are these valid concerns, or do you think a noise reduction of 70% is achievable with this arrangement?

As we intend doing almost all the windows in the house, this will be a really huge expense to us, so any advice is appreciated as we really don’t understand all the complexities of soundproofing.


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Re: Window Soundproofing Problems
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2012, 05:50:43 PM »

I just read somewhere that windows noise can be stopped through these ways.

1- Pasting tape on the gaps.
2- Choosing thick curtains
3-Double pan or Triple Pan windows are more better
4-Grow a tree besides your window.

I also have to do this. So I think that this will help.