Author Topic: Any products for lowering a channel ceiling well below the structure joists?  (Read 2903 times)


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Are there any rsic clips or other products that are made for extreme offsets between the joists and new desired channel ceiling?

I have a room in an OLD house that has pretty severe settling issues. It's not moving any more but the ceiling of this room is anything but level.

I entertained leveling this out with framing at one time, now I see however that soundproofing this and using a new channel ceiling would actually be easier than framing and shimming this thing out are only 4-5 clip points on a 13 ft wide ceiling, but the issue is that at some point I'm going to be 4-6 inches off the joists in order to level down to the lowest point. It's a good thing they are almost 10ft ceilings to begin with....

I have seen some offset rsic clips but don't know if these are meant for this kind of applicaiton or not.


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Anybody know what the maximum offset is with clip products? I have the standard RSIC but am looking for something with more "reach"

If I pursue this combination soundproofing and leveling, I'll probably need something that can attach to the joist but allow the channel and clip to be at least 4 and possibly 6 inches below that to bring the current uneven ceiling down to match the lowest settled point.



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You're using the wrong product...

You can contact me directly and I can provide this information.

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