Author Topic: Is it the headboard?  (Read 4526 times)


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Is it the headboard?
« on: November 28, 2012, 06:14:15 PM »

Still trying to figure out how to not be jolted awake in my bed everyday when my neighbor is walking. I found out the walls are wood with plaster on them.

I put cut up yoga mats and put 3 squares of those plus TWO hand towels folded twice over that with the bed risers on that.

I still feel his steps. I pulled the bed off the wall, but it seemed the headboard moved more. So I put it back on the wall and any part that was touching has yoga mat material and towel rolled so that the headboard is tightly pushed forward.

Is it possible that my headboard could make his footsteps felt in the mattress? I'm feeling jolts in the mattress as he walks around. Just trying to troubleshoot!


Randy S

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Re: Is it the headboard?
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2012, 04:20:45 PM »
can you un blot the head board and see if the problem changes?


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Re: Is it the headboard?
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2012, 04:32:56 AM »
Sorry I meant to do that. Yes, I unbolted the headboard and I still feel his steps.

I now moved my bed to the opposite side of the room, so it is no longer against our shared wall. I now have this under each bed riser:

So it's still a metal bed frame with wheels that are locked, propped up on plastic hollow risers as you see in the previous picture. I have a low profile bed frame and a pretty thick and heavy mattress and a headboard. I only put it on the foam now, I took away the towels.

I still feel his footsteps even though I moved away from our shared wall and against that wall is a very big heavy chest of drawers. It doesn't seem to be as much as before, but still I'm being woken up a lot.

If you need more info, at the end of my bed is a storage bench, which I pulled out so it doesn't touch my bed. Under the bed is a bunch of stuff: a big suitcase, two long plastic storage boxes stacked on top of each other and other miscellaneous small boxes and random stuff. I wondered if cause all this stuff under the bed is on the floor if that is still transmitting vibrations...Some of it is stacked kind of high and near the bed frame.

I also took out the leg/riser in the middle of the mattress, so I only have the four. I did that cause it seems the bed seems to jolt in the middle-ish to lower part only. (I still have the middle support beam on the metal frame, but I don't have the leg attached so it won't touch the floor)

Is there something I can put between the mattress and the box spring? It seems my mattress is so thick and so piled high that it's just floating up there and seems susceptible to movements. Not sure though...