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Yet Another Garage Door Question
« on: December 16, 2012, 07:22:12 PM »
Yes - I've done my research (both on your site and others) on the evil garage door and how its impossible to do much with. BTW thanks for such a wonderfully informative site! I've learned a lot here.

But I have a specific problem, and I'm so CLOSE to a solution (within 10 dB).

I'm setting up a jam room in my garage - not a recording studio so I don't need anything near to total isolation. I use small amps so my interior level is 80 dB max. Guitars and keys only - No drums. My goal is 45 dB outside. my Garage is fairly well built and insulated. i've completely air-sealed both the interior door and the 30" door to the outside, using your closed-cell foam and transoms. Also made a small removable plug using your SSP Foam for the dryer vent. all your products worked great and I'm below 45 dB in those areas.

that leaves the garage door - I'm at 50-55dB at the property line nearest the garage door. it's 16' wide, and paneled (not solid). its insulated, but has those little windows along the top. I've already ordered a threshold to better seal the bottom (which leaks water). What's the logical next step? Acoustical blankets? SSP foam stuffed into all the windows? 4x8 plywood moveable panels with SSP Foam? Anything?