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Soundproofing contractors in Jacksonville fl?
« on: January 06, 2013, 06:47:24 PM »
I know the chances might be slim that someone knows a good soundpoofing contractor  in jacksonville fl here but i have been having a very hard time finding one. This would be for a 11x13 (8 foot ceiling) music/band practice room.  As of right now its not used as band practice room due to lack of soundproofing... Most of the contractors i spoke to said they only do commercial work not  any residential work. There was one  drywall contractor that said they could probably do soundproofing work but have no experience doing it.  There was a home stereo place that has done work on home theaters but said they usually focus on sound treatment in the room rather then blocking sound that would be needed for a band room...

The closest i got was one drywall contractor that said they had done soundproofing before and came over to look at the room and said they i will loose at least 3 inches of space all around and asked if i wanted him to work on a quote anyway and I said yes.  All he said is it will take a while to put together a quote. So far i haven't heard any thing and make a couple attempts to follow-up to no avail.

2nd was i spoke to a contracting company that has lot of experience and the guy i spoke to seemed to know what he is talking about.  He did say for under the house at least under the room adding foam insulation would be helpful as part of overall project. I didn't think foam does much to block sound so I wasn't sure about that.  However, likewise I haven't heard anything back regarding a quote and have made attempts to follow-up as well.

Since there will be significant investment (and i have been setting some money aside for this project for a while now) i want to make sure i go with a reputable contractor who has experience with such work. Any useful leads would be very helpful. In meanwhile I guess i will try and follow-up again with the two companies that told me they would work on quote for me.

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Re: Soundproofing contractors in Jacksonville fl?
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Call me direct so we can discuss this BEFORE you hire any contractor! knowledge is power and you need to know what has to be done in order to justify the costs involved and to make sure this is done properly.
We can help you!

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