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Townhouse Shared Wall Noise
« on: February 07, 2013, 01:52:04 AM »
I'm looking for suggestions to solve a few noise "issues" I am having.  I have a relatively new townhouse and have one shared wall (Master bedroom/Bath, Kitchen and Dining Room.  This shared wall is nothing more than a single frame that both unit's walls, floors, etc are attached to the same stud with insulation in walls and the neighbor’s side has 2 layers of dry wall on the second story. 

Prior to the unit being sold next to me, I had invested and put up quiet rock on the master bedroom and dining rooms walls.  Unfortunately, this seems to have had little sound reduction.  The issues I'm having are - Can hear cabinet doors being shut, drawers being shut, items being placed on their counters in kitchen, talking.  In the dining room you can hear people talking and TV.  In the master bedroom you can hear the noises from kitchen, people talking, TV, doors being closed etc.  At times you can also hear them walking around heavy footed.  I know I can never make the house completely quiet but looking for ideas to, hopefully drastically, reduce the noise.  I've read about the green glue, mvl, and the sound isolation channels and not sure of the plan of attack to take to take.  For the master bedroom and dining room walls, as I've already invested a nice sum in the quiet rock, would using green glue and another layer or dry wall make a difference rather tahn taking down both layers of dry wall?  In the kitchen can you decouple the wall and still attach cabinets to that wall?  Any ideas, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Townhouse Shared Wall Noise
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You need to decouple from the structure in order to get a reduction of your noise issues.
Sorry to say but start over. Just adding to the wall will only reduce the tv and talking, any slamming / impact noise will still come through clearly.
Also keep in mind that no matter what we do to the wall the footsteps and stomping will go under the soundproof wall and be emitted from the shared subfloor.

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