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Applying Vinyl Sheets to Window Panes


One of the methods advised on this site is to apply vinyl sheets to a window pane, using baby shampoo and a squeegee.  I was wondering if anybody has tried this, what results I can hope to achieve, and what thickness of vinyl works best.  Obviously thicker should be better but maybe the thicker sheets don't adhere as well or stay put for a long time?

I'm trying to shut out barking from 3 medium sized dogs.  If that doesn't work, I plan to shut them up instead by using 140 db sound blasts at 25 khz.

Randy S:
I will already tell you, that method will not work for barking dogs....

you will need to either do the magnaseal system or window plug just to get 50% reduction, depending on how close the dogs are and the type of siding your house has.

Well, blasting probably won't work and may even affect YOU!  Try these solutions first;

and the "Dog Silencer"!



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