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noise reduction for neighbor barking


Hi All,

This my first post and glad this forum is around! 

I wanted to ask for peoples experiences on soundproofing for neighbors' barking dogs.  Are there any successes?  I want to soundproof (or at least reduce) the amount of barking that is going into my bedroom.  I have already had a Milgard Quietline window installed.  Rated at 43STC.  But seems the barking is still going through the walls.  I was thinking of a combination of green glue with 1/2" Quietrock over the existing drywall.  But not sure if that is going to make any difference.  Would like to hear about other's experiences.



Randy S:
what is the siding on your home?

when you hear the dogs barking do you naturally look at the window or does it seem like its all around you?

Hi Randy,

The siding on the house is aluminum and yes, i still do turn towards the window whenever the barking happens.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Randy S:
That is surprising that you still look toward the windows when you have aluminum siding. Barking dogs are very hard to reduce.
This tells me the windows are still the weak point...
tough call, I would say in addition to the milgard window do 1 window with our magnaseal system and see if we get the improvement you need.
It is hard to calculate what the improvement would be until it is installed.
just remember there is no such thing as 100% soundproof and in this situation we are approaching diminishing point of return.


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