Author Topic: Looking 4 soundproofing expanding foam to inject into sheetrock 10" thick cavity  (Read 3497 times)


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  There are different kinds of sound proofing foam,  looking to find the the right kind of soundproofing expanding foam to fill in 10 inch cavity sheetrock walls by injecting
holes in the walls.  would like to take this approach first to soundproof a wall separating a bed room and kitchen where constant noise is heard from the kitchen in the early
mornings.  second approach would be after foaming to screw some type of noise reduction material over the existing sheetrock and then getting 5/8 inch sheetrock to reduce
the noise.  anyone experienced in the best expanding soundproofing foam to use to inject into thick cavity walls?     and best suddjestion for materials to add on the outer wall ??


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Batt insulation would work better, but Icynene foam stays pretty soft & resilient and you can get a contractor to spray in a liquid version that will expand and fill up your entire wall cavity.