Author Topic: Soundproofing family room and bedroom on a busy street - curtains to try first?  (Read 4545 times)


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I just moved to a new house on a relatively busy street and the traffic noise in our family room and master bedroom is louder than I thought it would be. Both rooms have 4-6 windows in them. I wanted to see what the best soundproofing options would be. My husband wants to start with curtains - ie, that we'd use for a home theater room - before trying soundproof windows. Are there curtains out there that are worth trying first? If so, any that you can recommend? If the curtains don't work, should we try soundproofing the windows first? Or also look into adding another wall layer?

Randy S

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curtains will only give you 10%-15% reduction at best because it is not an air tight sealed system.

try doing our magna seal system or window plugs.