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MLV box with in a room
« on: June 25, 2013, 01:49:57 AM »
Hi Guys -just found this excellent resource.

firstly my wife is pregnant and we are expecting stereo!  ;D  yep Twins on the way.

I work at home -so its time to get serious!   my office is going to need re-inforcing big time!  I need to listen to music without waking the kids  - or the kids scraming without waking me LOL.

my plan so far - until u tell me otherwise  ;)

--->  line floor ceilng and wall with MLV  -  ( glue it straight on?  )

---> 50mm of dense rock wool.. ( space is a bit tight -  room is only about 2.1 meters  on all dimensions  ( yep is a cube )

---> then a wooden frame-  ( box basically )   that supports another MLV "wall"   this "inner" wall is kind of "floating"   its basically sat on the MLV thats on the floor - but the rest of it doesnt touch the walls or ceiling..

--->   I may put some rock wall on the inside of this "inner MLV wall"  to control the acoustics - but that wont affect the isolation anyway.

my question - I did this before with  plasterboard ( gypsom or sheet rock )   an it sort of worked.

is MLV going to be better? 

is there something else I should do/ consider?



PS wah such hard questions -  what colour is the sky when seen from space ???


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Re: MLV box with in a room
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 07:17:22 AM »

The answer to your last question is no. MLV is lighter than plasterboard.

Tell me more about the current room structure. What is the floor made of? What is the thickness of the plasterboard on your walls and ceiling? Frame construction?

Please post a drawing with dimensions and I'll try to help.