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Author Topic: Magnetseal and acrylic or SSP foam mat plug for window? What about covering a/c?  (Read 5666 times)


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I have read the various posts here on using the Magnetseal and acrylic sheet or the Super Soundproofing Mat plug and fiber board method to soundproof a window. At first it seemed that cheaper 1/4" acrylic was sufficient but after reading more responses from the moderators it seems like the more expensive 3/8" is easier to work with and more effective. Because of this, the Magnetseal method works out to almost twice the price of the SSP foam mat plug. Of course, both are much cheaper than the three companies I have received quotes from for a sliding 1/2" laminated glass soundproof window. I have twin thermopane double hung windows separated by a 2 1/2" mullion, with total dimensions of 62" high x 69" wide and I intend to cover both windows with one solution. There is 4" between the mullion and the face of the wall. I have no need to see out these windows, which are in my bedroom, and I keep them covered by drapes. My outside noise problem is late night backyard parties from three of my neighbors 1 floor below. Which soundproofing method would be more effective, regardless of the cost? Also, I have a through the wall air conditioner under the windows and I am wondering if it is necessary to build an enclosure around it to block outside noise when not in use during the fall, winter and spring. One of the companies offered to build one, at additional cost, of course. Do you offer a way to soundproof an air conditioner? And if I don't cover it, will there be an appreciable lowering of outside noise just by soundproofing the windows?

Randy S

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The magnaseal system with 3/8" acrylic is preferred because of the ability to achieve a greater dead air space which is critical for maximum reduction.
The A/C unit in the wall is a major source of noise because it is basically a hole in the wall and will greatly take away from the overall noise reduction. You must either remove it or build a box to enclose can build this yourself with some 3/4" plywood or use 1/2" cement board..the heavier the better and make sure it seals to the wall with no leaks.


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+1 to Randy's recommendations

Of course a 1/2" laminated glass sound-proof window is going to cost more. ;) But I get what you are saying. The thing is, as Dirty Harry always said, "you've got to ask yourself... Do you feel lucky??" hehe..
You will be wasting money on doing the windows if you don't do something about the air conditioner. And I don't know of ANY sound-proof window aircons. Sorry.

What about a mini-split system air conditioner? or

Usually, an STC-50 partition will suffice for blocking the outside sound levels you are experiencing. Try to figure out what you currently have and then you can choose from the available options precisely what will suit your application. I wouldn't recommend buying a bunch of stuff just to 'try' to fix it. This most always results in frustration.